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Meeting services and company recreation days

Our diverse range of activities, lakeside sauna and dinner guarantee a successful visit

Surrounded by nature, Woikoski Feeling provides a calm and inspiring setting for meetings and lectures. Our facilities are ideally suited for meetings of 6-50 participants, and our versatile spaces can be used for meetings, group work and lectures. We are also happy to arrange meetings in more creative settings out in the wild – why not have your meeting around a campfire in the forest?

Woikoski Feeling Cryo Clinic

Comprehensive cryotherapy

The thermal shock triggered in the surface cells of the skin by extreme cold therapy causes the brain to activate the body's own defence system and release pleasure-producing and pain-relieving hormones that have significant benefits for your entire body. Brief exposure to extreme cold is the only way to safely set off this reaction in the body, with no risk of tissue damage.

Pheasant hunting

Feel the excitement of the hunt

Woikoski Feeling's WHD Gård provides excellent conditions for hunting. In our hunting areas, we practise responsible pheasant rearing and game management. We can guarantee our clients eventful experiences and good luck in the hunt. The evening is topped off by a relaxing hot sauna bath and an atmospheric dinner at one of our restaurants.