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Archery is an addictive sport, suitable for people of all ages. Archery requires concentration and motor skills, and may help you discover new hidden strengths within you. We use equipment suitable for target practice. The shooting distance we use is shorter than the official distances used in competition, and our targets are large, so we can almost guarantee that participants will experience feelings of accomplishment. Each participant first shoots practice arrows guided by an instructor, after which the group has the chance to have a tournament.

The activity is arranged by Seikkailuviikari, a local outdoor activity organiser. Archery is a technical sport that requires both physical and mental control: your goal and motivation are narrowed down to a bunch of arrows at the centre of a target. Archery is rewarding and requires focus, allowing you to forget about everything else for a moment.


Activity details:


Place: WHD Gård
Group size: 10-20 persons
Duration: 1-1.5 h


The activity can be arranged at Kirjokivi Manor from May to October or year-round at WHD Gård.
(During the winter, the activity is arranged at WHD Gård in a heated hall with a sand floor.)


“We had a fun day at Kirjokivi Manor, we had a chance to let loose on the archery range in a light-hearted competition. The best moment was jumping into the cool lake after the sauna.”