Church boat rowing

Kirjokivi Manor Groups Summer

Rowing a traditional Finnish church boat will really weld any rowing team together! The main goal of rowing the long, wooden boat is collaboration, and the person putting the finishing touch to good teamwork is of course the person responsible for guiding the team – the coxswain. Church boat rowing is an activity suited to many different kinds of teams, from work teams to groups of friends. Church boat rowing combines physical exercise, the beautiful scenery of Lake Tihvetjärvi and fresh outdoor air.

Church boat rowing will suit any group of people who want to collaborate or just enjoy spending time together on the water. The rowing trip will start at Kirjokivi Manor on the shore of Lake Tihvetjärvi. On the water, you will have the chance to admire the wonderful scenery of Repovesi National Park. The activity is arranged by Seikkailuviikari, a local outdoor activity organiser.

Activity details:

Place: Kirjokivi Manor
Group size: 10-15 persons
Duration: 2 h
The activity can be arranged from May to October.

“Rowing a church boat was a fun break from hiking in the national park. Our loud group even quietened down for a moment to admire the view.”