WHD Gård Kirjokivi Manor Groups All year around

Guided meditation and mindfulness practice to increase mental and physical wellbeing and help relieve you of the pressure to perform. The exercises help you focus on the present moment and push away distracting thoughts. The exercises can help you with time management and change your perception of haste and stress.


The activity is provided by Puron Virta. The person behind Puron Virta is Mirkka Kekkonen, physical therapist/occupational physical therapist, yoga instructor, meditation and relaxation instructor and group exercise instructor. You can come to the class just as you are. The aim is that, after the session, you can look at yourself in a gentler way, accepting your limits and acknowledging your strengths.

Activity details

Place: WHD Gård, Kirjokivi Manor
Group size: 6-20 persons
Duration: 20-90 min
The activity can be arranged year-round. The session can easily be combined into a suitable package with other services from Puron Virta, such as Body care or Yoga.

“Meditation helped me calm down in the middle of a busy week at work.”