Shooting activities and events

WHD Gård Groups All year around
Better game shooting

The WHD Gård grounds also offer opportunities for shooting activities and events. 
The Haulikkokoulu & Kiväärikoulu shotgun and rifle school’s activities are a great addition to a pheasant hunt or meeting. We can also collaborate to arrange successful weapons-related events.
Bring your work group, clients or friends along! Combined with Woikoski Feeling's catering and accommodation services, you will have a comprehensive, high-quality service package. 

Shooting school at WHD Gård

Activities with the Haulikkokoulu & Kiväärikoulu shotgun and rifle school are arranged on the WHD Gård grounds. The trainers are professional hunting, training and shooting experts and will guide you towards better game shooting. Weapons provided by Haulikkokoulu & Kiväärikoulu's partners, Sako, Beretta, Blaser, Benelli and Zoli, will be available at the training events, so you do not need your own weapon in order to participate.

Activity details: 

Place: WHD Gård
Group size: 4-12 persons
Duration: 3-6 hours
Can be arranged at WHD Gård year-round
Example of a shotgun or rifle training event as part of a meeting

  • Arrival at WHD Gård, welcome coffee and breakfast
  • Meeting in Bar Esso
  • Delicious lunch
  • Shooting safety orientation
  • Shooting under the guidance of the instructors
  • Afternoon coffee around the campfire
  • Post-game analysis
  • Relaxation in the sauna and an atmospheric wild game dinner at Restaurant Juureskellari
Shotgun school as part of a pheasant hunt

We guarantee better game shooting and an eventful pheasant hunt in collaboration with the Haulikkokoulu shotgun school. A combination of shotgun training, pheasant hunting and WHD Gård's comprehensive services will guarantee an unforgettable event.

Example of a shotgun training event and pheasant hunt

  • Arrival at WHD Gård, breakfast
  • Shotgun safety orientation and basics of shooting
  • Shooting exercises under the guidance of the instructors
  • Delicious lunch at the hunting cabin
  • Pheasant hunting
  • Game parade
  • Relaxation in the sauna
  • Wild game dinner at restaurant Juureskellari
  • Accommodation at Woikoski GuestHouse

We are also happy to arrange weapons-related events tailored to your needs in collaboration with Haulikkokoulu & Kiväärikoulu.

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