Stick aerobics

WHD Gård Kirjokivi Manor Groups Summer

You’ll start off with a warm-up walk in natural surroundings to gently rouse your body and mind. The stick aerobics session will loosen up your upper body, get your pulse going and warm up your arms and legs. You’ll get tips that you can also easily apply to exercises during breaks at work or you can use them for a quick workout at home in the evenings.


Stick aerobics provide a low-threshold exercise session after a meeting or before relaxing in the sauna. The exercise will get your blood flowing and refresh your mind, and the only equipment you need is good outdoor gear and shoes. The activity can be arranged at Kirjokivi Manor or WHD Gård, and the walk gives you the chance to familiarise yourself with the jogging routes in the area.

Activity details:

Place: WHD Gård, Kirjokivi Manor
Group size: 6-30 persons
Duration: 45 min