Woikoski Car Museum

WHD Gård Groups Individuals All year around

The Woikoski Car Museum, on the premises of WHD Gård, is a unique and interesting collection of approximately 35 magnificent cars. Our expert guide will show you around this fantastic car collection. There is a fascinating story and history behind each car.  The collection is closely tied to the industrial history of Woikoski Oy and the family history of its owners, the Palmbergs. In the museum, you will also find high-end cars linked to the history of Finland, as well as racing car classics. 
The car collection is among the most extensive in Finland.

The collection is evolving and is updated every year

For the 2020 season, we are launching a renewed collection that recounts the evolution of cars and displays some of the most famous cars of Finnish presidents. The collection also includes exhibits such as Finland's first hydrogen-powered car and a racer that attained great success in the historical Finnish Grand Race. Apart from one small exception, all our vehicles are in good shape and in driving condition.

“What made the car museum unique was the great guide who gave each car a personality. All the cars in the museum were in good condition, even in driving condition.”


Our car museum is open to groups year-round on demand. A museum visit works well as part of a work wellbeing day or company recreation day. We will create a programme for the day according to your wishes, including meals. Request an offer for a guided museum tour with coffee or lunch for your group, or even for an entire programme for your company recreation day! 

Activity details:

Place: WHD Gård
Group size: 6-60 persons
Duration: 1 h
The museum serves groups year-round on demand and is open daily in the summer.