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Oy Woikoski Ab is a fourth-generation family business and a pioneer in the gas and chemical industry. Our customers include industrial enterprises, hospitals and food producers. The Woikoski Factory Museum tells the story of the company and its journey from a carbon black factory, established in Vehkalahti in 1882, to today's Oy Woikoski Ab.



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Thrilling stories and atmosphere full of history 


Our exciting museum tour begins with a walk along the bridge leading across the frothing Voikoski rapids to the old butter factory. Today, the factory building serves as the Woikoski Factory Museum, to which our guests walk accompanied by stories. We will start by watching a short film illustrating how the company has evolved, the twists and turns of its history and its current operations, after which a guide will show us around the museum and tell us stories about the colourful history of the factory, its staff and its founding family.

You will have the chance to peek into the factory director’s stately office and imagine that you are lining up at the pay counter on a Saturday to pick up your wages. The museum tour will also showcase the old Woikoski laboratory and its fascinating instruments. You will also see some of the massive equipment and products from the old days of the factory, from retired machinery to the first gas bottles.



The factory museum is open to groups year-round on demand. A museum visit works well as part of a work wellbeing day or company recreation day. You can also include a tour of the nearby Woikoski Car Museum in your programme to learn more about the history of the founding family of Oy Woikoski Ab.