The manor’s lakeside sauna

In our beach-house-style lakeside sauna situated in the grounds of Kirjokivi Manor, you can relax on the shore of Lake Tihvetjärvi. The manor’s lakeside sauna can be booked by groups all year round. You can take a dip in Lake Tihvetjärvi both in the summer and in the winter.


  • Sauna with room for 12 bathers at a time
  • Two showers in the washing room
  • Spacious glazed terrace with seating for 14 people
  • Hot tub on the terrace
  • Beach-house-style room with a fireplace; six seats around the table and four armchairs
  • At the disposal of larger groups, there is also a seating area with a couch and 12-person dining table

The manor's small wood-burning sauna

In a secluded spot on the shore of Lake Tihvetjärvi

The manor's small wood-burning sauna serves overnight guests in the summer. The traditional wood-burning sauna is situated in a secluded spot on the shore of Lake Tihvetjärvi, a little separate from the manor's other buildings. 


  • Traditional wood-burning sauna
  • Room for three bathers at a time
  • Cauldron for heating washing water in the sauna (no shower)
  • Changing room and terrace
  • Private jetty