Restaurant Juureskellari is filled with atmophere and authentic tastes

As its Finnish name implies, Restaurant Juureskellari is an old root vegetable cellar converted into a restaurant that is full of atmosphere and authentic tastes.

At Juureskellari our guests can enjoy themselves with Woikoski Feeling's tasty menu combinations – prepared with a passion for food – and excellent wines.

Most of our food products are from local suppliers and from our own garden. The menus are prepared from Finnish ingredients, respecting tradition but utilising modern ingenuity.

Restaurant Juureskellari has indoor seating for 24 people, 24 seats on the outdoor terrace and a glazed upper terrace that is just the place for a laid-back afterparty. Juureskellari is a licensed restaurant.

Opening hours: Our restaurants serve our summer guests from June 27 until July 31. Restaurant Juureskellari opens on Fridays and Saturdays from 13 to 21 (kitchen closes at 20).

Address: WHD Gård, Nurmaankyläntie 90, 52960 Nurmaa 


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