Woikoski Feeling as a responsible business

Woikoski Feeling provides accommodation, conference, event and horse services as well as beauty and well-being experiences. We operate in Mäntyharju, Kouvola, Saariselkä, Luosto and Ivalo.

Our quality policy

  • Our travel business, Woikoski Feeling, wants to guarantee highquality services and unique experiences to its customers in a high-class milieu.
  • To ensure the continuous development and the quality of the services we provide, our operations are examined and developed through determined quality work and control.

Our environmental policy

  • In the experiences we provide to our customers, we emphasize the local nature and food made with ingredients produced by local producers. We recognize our own environmental responsibilities and all our values and actions are in line with our responsibilities.
  • We are committed to sustainable development. We constantly aim to develop our operations in order to reduce our environmental footprint while providing highclass services and experiences to our customers.
  • With our actions, we support and promote the ecological diversity of our local nature. All the forest we own is sustainably managed and parts of our forests are attached to the Repovesi nature reserve area in order to promote nature tourism.
  • We adhere to all the laws, regulations and instructions provided by the authorities.

We have received the ISO 9001 quality certificate in May 2019. Woikoski Feeling is amongst the first to receive the certificate in tourism and travel business. The WHD equestrian center is the first in Finland to receive the same certificate. We have also received the ISO 14001 environmental certificate in June 2020.