Wine tasting

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Are you particularly interested in wine, or are you looking for tips on pairing wine with food?
Iida, sommelier at Woikoski Feeling, wants people to start thinking more about wine. What flavours can you identify in the wine, and what does that tell us about the origin or production of the wine? Iida puts particular emphasis on matching food and wine, and her passion is finding the best moment to enjoy each wine.

Woikoski Feeling arranges wine tasting sessions on demand at Kirjokivi Manor and WHD Gård. You can combine the tasting session with dinner or we can focus on a theme built around a specific wine. An atmospheric wine tasting session forms an enjoyable part of the evening of a meeting day or company recreation day, a pleasant night with friends or a hen or stag party.

Pick one of our pre-planned themes or make a request to our sommelier!

Activity details:

Place: WHD Gård
Group size: 4-10 persons
Duration: 2-3 h
Special requirements: all participants must be at least 18 years old

European wines, tasting and dinner
During the session, you will taste wines from six European countries. The sommelier will introduce the wine and you will have a chance to sample it, after which we will serve a tasting portion of food themed according to the origin country of the wine. We have designed the dishes specifically for each wine, ensuring that the wine and food complement each other perfectly. The countries included are the biggest European wine producers, namely France, Italy, Spain and Germany, Austria as a rising star, and Hungary, an interesting curiosity.