WHD Gård event grounds

WHD Gård Groups All year around

The event grounds are located in the vicinity of WHD Gård's services. The area is suitable for events such as vehicle shows, driving practice and tests, or dog shows. Woikoski Feeling will take care of your event’s technical side, catering and accommodation services, as well as providing a warm atmosphere. 

Event grounds

Test driving course

Ideal for driving practice and as a show area. 

  • 800 m x 14 m asphalt surface 
  • 800 m x 16 m rock dust surface (buffer zone) 
  • 800 m x 16 m sand and rock dust mix (buffer zone) 
  • Ice driving track: in the winter season, the entire track will be frozen, creating a surface area of 800 m x 46 m 

Power outlets
The test driving course has electrical outlets for 20 trucks or other technology. 

Outdoor riding arenas
Our riding arenas have good surfaces and are also well suited to events such as dog shows, agility or other training. 

  • Two 60 m x 40 m riding arenas with low dressage fences
  • One 70 m x 27 m fenced-off riding arena 

Sound system
A sound system that covers the entire area and can be used all year. 

Restaurant Prinssi
We will create a theme-fitting restaurant in the area’s restaurant tent and plan event-specific catering or a shop. We can also arrange catering around a campfire in the area. 

Parking areas
There are large, gravel-surface parking areas available in the area. 

Surrounding terrain
The event grounds are surrounded by a 300-ha forest area where we arrange guided nature excursions, off-road driving safaris and hunting trips. 

  • 7 km of sand-surface forest road 
  • Several km of off-road routes 
  • A cross-country cycling route 
  • The Vehnävuori and Lassinvuori nature trails and the Lassinlaavu campsite
  • The Jahtimaja hunting cabin with meeting facilities and a camping hut